Web Survey Toolbox

What is it?

The Web Survey Toolbox is a free open source tool for collecting and gathering research on many topics, surveys, project team time, and others. You can set up your own web server at your site to keep your information protected.

New Release!

There's a whole new release with new features, released January 31st, 2010! Download it. News


  • Run Web Surveys. Using Web Survey Toolbox, you can track, administer, and run surveys.
  • Track Issues/Bugs/Tasks. Integrated with your own Bugzilla or JIRA.
  • Collect Research Findings. Gather points from papers, Heuristic Evaluations, Ethnographies, User Testing, etc., into one location.
  • Progress Reports: Get statistical predictions on when the project will be finished. With one click, see an agile report that shows how much work remains to be done on any particular project. The report will run a statistical regression analysis to predict when the project will finish.
  • Draw diagrams on the web. Draw any kind of Storyboards, Task Analyses, State Machines, etc.
  • Analyze most frequently discovered problem areas. Coming Soon: Look at reports and graphs of your problems sorted by topic and area.

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