Updates in the latest and future release.

Changes In 2009.10.17

See the news for 2009.10.17 .

Changes In 2006.8

  • Copying pages between surveys now works (assuming you are running them both in the same VM -- you must open a single survey, and then use the "open" button or menu item)
    Moving pages is still buggy, though. (Aaron Powers, 6/18/2006)
  • Bug Wizard: A lot of people don't seem to be submitting bugs. So, to encourage more bug submission:
    • I added a prompt when you click cancel.
    • Cleaned up the first screen text
    • Made a finish button in the wizard. (in all wizards, when appropriate -- will show automatically when appropriate if WizardCard.canNextNow() is overridden when appropriate. (it should be overridden for cards that can't go to the next screen on their own yet).
      (Aaron Powers)
  • Editing survey properties on the website did nothing -- now it works (Aaron Powers)
  • New survey did not mark send bugs to developers when the user had it checked in the new survey wizard -- it works now. (Aaron Powers)
  • Fixed repeated measures. There were several bugs:
    • in the editor it didn't create the table correctly
    • the webapp would repeat the same repeated measure page over and over again
      (Aaron Powers, 5/23/2006)
  • For additional updates, see the News.