Big 5 Personality Ratings, 50-Item Scale: Open Source Big 5 scale from IPIP. 50-item, source version (items sorted by type, easy for taking subsets into other surveys).
Extraversion and Agreeableness, 10-Item scale: Taken from Ashton, M. C., Lee, K., and Goldberg, L. R. (2004). A hierarchical analysis of 1,710 English Personality-Descriptive Adjectives. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 87, 707-721.
Demographics: A standard demographics page for adding into an existing survey.

Sample Surveys

Applied Research Methods Example: Includes a sample demographics page. Designed for the Applied Research Methods class at Carnegie Mellon University.
Palm/J2ME sized survey: A sample survey for Palm devices. When you launch a survey to a Palm-sized device, you need to design the survey differently. Note on deployment: Some phones and Palm support web browsers good enough to fill out WebSurveyToolbox surveys online. A special Palm/J2ME version is under development for deploying surveys like these. Read more.

We will continue to add more standard, free, scales here for you to download and easily import into your surveys. Use this to save typing and increase accuracy.

Feel free to upload additional scales here, in .survey or .survlib format!